History of the World Credits

Rick "ExtraNoise" Pierce  RickPierce.info
Game design, game development, front-end development, art, administration

Tyler "Mobilla" Miller
Game development, back-end development, administration

Yusuke Kamiyamane  yusukekamiyamane
Art (Icons)

FatCow  FatCow.com
Art (Icons)

Everyone in the #retribution room on SynIRC. You guys rock. Thanks for everything. Special thanks to "BoldRobot" who was always willing to break my economic models and "Duros" for being a fine community leader and hosting the wiki (but not that server thing which we won't speak of).

History of the World Copyright © 2004-2010 Rick Pierce, Retribution Game Studio

History of the World 9 was developed between October 2009 to November 2010. It went through several design iterations and continues to have new ideas drawn upon it, paving the way for future versions of the game. If you would like to help, consider a tiny financial contribution. It helps to keep spirits high, pays for development (I owe Mobilla tons), and keeps my wife happy that I'm doing something "productive." :)